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    Been a couple of days since I've added any material to this blog, Ive been working madly to introduce a new marketing drive fo the sites articles.

    But horray I have finally finished writing the code and began rolling out the new campaign as of yesterday although from the looks of the demand I'm gonna be working 24/7 to keep up.

    The promo is based upon adding fresh content to peoples websites, you know its alway been a little irritating when you run a site you have to spend most of your time updating th content so that your visitors have new stuff to read, so I came up with this little idea.

    I've included a few samples below for you to look at, what do you think?

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    Latest Business Articles at Article Heaven

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    Latest Health Articles at Article Heaven

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    Latest Health & Beauty Articles

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    Not bad hey, and whats better is the content changes from day to day, I mean your still going to have to add to your content to a degree to keep the search engines happy but in general your site visitors will always have fresh content to read.

    With the added benefit that the little gismo's look really neat too.

    I'd be interested in your thoughts.


  • What Bookmark Do I Use?

    I'm writing this blog after Jean from Chicago, (who subscibes to this blog via a rss feed at my site) asked a question which untill then had never occured to me, I guess that shows how stupid I can be!

    The question, '' What Bookmark Do I Use?'' may seem silly but it is relevant and it does have an impact on the amount of views your articles get although there are a couple of BM's that you send submit anything to.

    I'll keep this brief, which I know will be a change for me, but here goes, and this list is in order of my favourites.


    By far the best SBM site around and as I said above you can submit pretty much anything to them they have multiple categories but it is important to bear in mind they are news based, but hey your probably submitting your news!!

    Also with Digg you can post a bookmark and before I've finished editing the detail's I'll return to Article heaven to see a surge of visitors, it really happens that fast.


    This SBM is blog based and you can set up a feed from your blog to their site to,  but I also submit technical/science articles here.


    A totally techie SBM site.


    Same type as Digg but not as good, but generally news based.

    As is the same for:

    I personally consider the list above as the best ones to use, but as I mentioned in my previous blog if you want to carry out multiple bookmarking then check out, they sumbit 20+ in one hit so it will save your time.

    Hope this helps,


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  • Bookmark News.

    Hi again,

    Found the perfect way to combine all bookmarking into one hit, which is excelleant news for me as I spend quite a bit of time doing this.

    The site is called  Only Wire and the way it works is:

    Only Wire bookmark multiple-sites for you, there are 25 on the list and luckily for me they are 25 I don't usually use so it's a simple(although rather boring) process of joining the 25 sites adding the login and password details and then you're away.

    Simply download the bookmark graphic add it too your web-page or blog and job done just update when you make a change.




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  • Set The Stage With SEO Basics.

    I promised this blog the other day so here goes and I'm sorry if I'm going off subject a bit, but a promise is a promise!!

    I have taken quite a but of critisism in the past with the techniques I've used to get good results with the search engines (serps), in particular, and mentioning no names, but rest assured they know what their talking about so hey, who am I to argue.

    However I cannot stress the importance of getting the basics right when it comes to optimising your web site, or at the very least your index/home page.

    Now this point is quite important: when your naming your site try to pick a name that is relevant to the product or service that you are advertising.

    i.e. Its no good calling your site when your selling books, you see seo is all about relevance, well on-page seo anyway.

    So if you're selling books call your site billsbook, now I know this sound really basic but you'd be supprised at the amount of people who do not do this, and then wonder why their site is on page 163!!

    If you go to this LINK I'll explain a little more in depth, when you've finished come back and I'll ellaborate some more.

    You will have noticed from the article that I keep going on about keywords, well Google and the other search engines use these to define what you're site is all about and then put your site into that defined category.

    Your keyword goes into meta tag within the html code of the site and if you click above, right at the very top of the where it says view then click source a notepad file will open that says something like:

    (And we'll use this site, as an example)

    meta name=Keywords CONTENT="blog,blogs,blog hosting,blogger,weblog,weblogs,free blog,blog host,community

    Now these are keyword and as you can see they are relevant to this site, also notice the page title: - Create your free blog here

    Again relevant to the site content.

    The meta description tag:

    meta name=Description CONTENT=Hier kostenlosen Blog oder Blogs anlegen, individuell anpassbar mit vielen Features und Community

    You see? Its all relevant to the content of this site so when the search engine came to view the site before it was submitted onto the registry they would be looking for just that.......relevance.

    Relevant content dosen't just stop there it must be continued throughout the entire page ie the keyword blog must appear in the body text also, and I ran a check using my very epensive piece of equipment I have here and the word blog appears 37 times on the home page, so again it is relevant.

    In fact my full site optimising tool shows me that this site is actually quite poorly on-page optimised , so I would conclude judging from their extremely high ranking that they have some very good back-links.

    I'm going to talk a little more on this subject but again if you'll read another article by clinking this LINK, after you've finished come bach and we'll continue.

    Back links are the single most important means of creating a high page rank or good serps.

    Whilst you were away I finished my scan of and my analysis is correct they have an excellent set of back links plus a whole load of other stuff.

    They are in brief:

    Have an astounding 350,000 links to their site!!!
    And an equally huge 145,000 page indexed by Google.

    Plus an awfull lot of links to their site from equally high page ranked blog sites.

    So as I said earlier back links are the most important facor but remember to get the basic on page stuff right too.

    I'm going to leave off for now as I have a large quantity of articles to process, but I'll finish of by saying:

    If your stuggling with ths stuff let me know and I'll help you, I don't care that I don't know you, if your good enough to read my articles and visit my sites, the least I can do is help. So yes if you need help just let me know. seo site is hereif you fancy a look.

    Thanks for joining me,



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  • Top 10 Article Stats 2/09/2007

    Hi all,

    just thought I'd publish a brief summary of top 10 results for last week and promote the top 3 authors who have all exceeded expectations.

    This table is based on the following, the only field which may need explanation would be theRSS dlss (RSS downloads), which basically means that someone has downloaded a permanent feed to your article. I have set up the feeds in such a way that I will know the minute someone unsubscribes, so all the data below is relevant as of now.

    1.    Health & fitness:By  Bekie Cohner , viewed  32 times, with  2 + 2 rss subscribers.
    2.    Breast Augmentation : By  Dr. Jeremy Williams, viewed 32 times.
    3.    Vitamin C, Hidden treasure : By  J Brown, view 29 times.
    4.    Orthalmic Surgery : By Dr. Robinson, viewed 25 times, with 1 + 3 rss subs.
    5.     Andora invests for 2008 : Paula la Vella, viewed 21 times.       
    6.     Treating Acne for Beautiful: By  A. Moffat , viewed 19 times, with 1 + 4 rss subs.
    7.     Vaporizers Concepts : By Savey Bakarne, viewed 19 times.         
    8.     Cranberry Juice Home Remedy  : By Darrell Miller, viewed 16 times.
    9.      Authors Agencies & The : By N. Edwards, viewed 16 times
    10.    What is Obstructive Sleep :  Dr. Adnan Siddiq, viewed 15 times.

    1. Bekie Cohner:

    Bekie Cohner is a health and wellness professional with 16 years experience helping people make the right decisions for everything from Exercise Equipment to nutritional supplements .

    2. Dr. Jeremy Williams:

    Dr Jeremy Williams is a Denver board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

    Dr. Williams is a Colorado native who has returned home after completing extensive training in plastic surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He believes that whether you are seeking aesthetic rejuvenation or reconstructive restoration, that enhancement of your image should be natural and above all, safe.

    Visit his practice at

    3. J. brown:

    James Brown writes about promo code, coupon and Puritan's Pride coupon.

    Just as a brief note the top placings do tell us something, you'll notice that of the top ten 8 are health orientated.

    And well done to the 3 members who have live feeds to their articles. The 1+2 means that 1 person has subscibed to your feed and 2 further people have subscibed via that feed.

    Therefore the authors who have managed this have helped to promote themselves and Article Heaven.

    Well done to everyone concerned,

    Best Regards,


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  • Never Copy & Paste Again!!

    In our drive to please the article publishers of our site we are now bringing out:

    ''Never Copy & Paste Again!!''

    What's that, yes we can hear the deep breaths of relief.................

    Well don't get too hot under the collar just yet, we are going to trial this for two weeks and see what kind of response we get.

    We'll contact you via mass mail if we decide not to continue.

    If your interested drop us a line click here with the location of your articles and we'll do the rest.

    Just bare in mind due to password restriction (yes even we don't know your password), you article will be submitted under guest, but your links etc will remain the same.


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  • Creating multiple Views With funnels!!

    I realise this blog is a little off subject but I guess some of you good people have probably got sites of your own or are maybe thinking of starting one, so I'll post it for you.

    The problem most newbies face when starting up a new site is the lack of visitors and most people assume that this is because the site is so new the search engines have not entered it onto their index yet.

    Well that maybe partly correct, because long term they will be invaluable, but as I've proved again through research and plain hard work there is more that one way to skin a cat!

    At the moment Article Heaven is only a month old but it is generating 800+ visitors a week and although I have registered to every search engine none of the sites pages appear on a first page and none of our visitors come via search engines, so how is AH getting these hits............?

    You know it, social bookmarking sites but this time it's also coupled with the extensive use of RSS feeds which you will see throughout the entire AH site.

    RSS feeds are as valuable a tool as SBM but the benefits are harder to accomplish short term.

    So if you're going to use them, use them from the start but don't expect too much straight away.

    With RSS feeds what you are doing is creating a funnel to your site, so you may have different feeds all over the web but the goal is to divert other sites traffic to yours.

    A good example of funneling is right within our blog, if you check out the first blog we created you'll see one of our feeds at the very top of the page and it's pointing back to Article Heaven, clicking on this will divert you to our site.

    Plus our feeds are more tecnological than most and show recent additions to our submissions, so we're also promoting our clients work.

    Now if you'll allow me to digress for a moment, but as you'll see it is relevant.

    I don't want you thinking that you should just throw a site together with no thought for search engines because a year down the road you'll need search engine to increase your hits.

    I own another site which is advertising based which appears on 39 world-wide search engine first pages and has two top of the shop spot with Google and appears on the second page of 100+ SE's.

    I know what you're thinking, but your wrong, last week this site got 18.6% of its hits from SE's, again most come from SBM sites and feeds.

    I cannot stress to you the importance of social bookmarking and RSS crack this and you're onto a winner.

    If you want I'll create my next blog on SEO?

    Another of my sites specialises in this subject, it is in fact a totally free resource and I have an awfull lot of expensive SEO tools to help anyone that needs help optimising their web-site so if you do contact me via the normal channels.

    And now maybe you can see the source of some of our cross site advertising, yes we are using in part our own established sites and our linking partners to funnel visitors to Article Heaven!!

    see you soon.

    Best regards,


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  • Creating Hits Through Social Bookmarking

    To quote Wikipedia social bookmarking (SBM) is;

    ''On a social bookmarking system or network, users store lists of internet resources that they find useful. These lists can be accessible to the public by users of a specific network or website. Other users with similar interests can view the links by topic, category, tags, or even randomly.''

    The key here, is that which I have underlined i.e information that is available to public.

    I have conducted extensive experiments in the use of SMB's and a summary of the results can be found under the Aticle heavens category ''AH Ezines'' and these show conclusive evidence towards SMB's contributing to the majority of article views if conducted correctly.

    Of all the systems by far the best one is Digg which as further tests show, once again gives the most hits so if you're going to use any use them.

    As a general rule of thumb I use the caregory off-beat news for the majority of the article published at Article Heaven, but there are exceptions as we have an increasing amount of health material being published I use that category for those articles.

    And if the articles and technological then I'd suggest using technorati.

    But that's enough background info, I want you to try something for yourself;

    Post an article of your own on an article site, preferably not mine, as I use SBM'ing extensively so it wouldn't be a fair trial.

    But before you do that have a look around the site first and see how many hits the articles are getting. There is usually a latest articles section so have a look at these and make a note of the amount of hits, say a one day old article is getting.

    Next sign up for a Digg account and download their toolbar, then post your article on your chosen article site.

    Go back to your article bookmark it, and wait for the results.

    I can almost guarentee when you go back the next day, your acticle will have got more hits than the other new content.

    But it is important to remember that you must also create a killer headline and summary.

    Let me know how you get on, you can post comments on this blog or email me via the Article Heaven contact form.

    Or if you need advice just ask.

    See you soon,


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  • Writing Articles - Killer Headlines.

    The headline is the maker of breaker of any article, to illustrate this and as an experiment I wrote a poorly writen article of only 172 words entitled ''Add A Constant Stream Of Freshness To Your Site.''

    This headline whilst not a total killer does what all good headlines do and that is adding a little intrigue, your telling people something but not enough to give the game away, its like a game of cat and mouse really your drawing them in with bait.

    Now the next part of the game is the summary and once again you give them a bit more of puzzle but again not enough for them to understand entirely what your telling them.

    my summary for this article is:

    ''Article Heaven has the answer to your prayers with our dynamic new Article submission tools which shows our latest articles as an when they are submitted.

    Do you see what I've done there?

    The summary again far too short by summary standards is telling something else but still not enough, I've got them now they just have to know what I'm talking about , and viola the article gets a hit.

    Now that's the secret, you can write a pile of garbage but with the right wording you can get hit after hit. The article in question got 34 views in three hours and then I consigned it to the archieve.

    If you'd care to browse through any article site of your choice and just see this in evidence the unpopular article are the ones that have normal titles and give the game away in the summary. The reader dosen't need to read any further, they know exactly what you're saying in your summary.

    If you're interested in article writing or marketing / promotion and would like an update whenever I update this blog,click the link below.

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  • Bringing Article Publishing Into The 21st Century.

                  Latest Articles at Article Heaven

         ↑ Grab this Headline Animator

    What's new in the world of article publications?

    Just started a campaign and really focusing on what my clients would like. Of course the first thing you must realise is that most articles are written for self promotion, people trying there damned hardest to be a success.

    Well I've given this a lot of thought and instead of concentrating on promoting the site we now concentrate on promoting the site publishers, the people who post articles on the site.

    We've just installed some site wide gismo's to do just that.

    1. The headline creator (above) shows the last ten articles submitted and shows throughout a large network of site's simutaneously giving the publisher a larger platform of promotion.

    2. The second tool is an email based subscription service which the publishers receive plus anyone else who subscibes. Of course once again, here we go, more publicity for the publishers.

    3. We've also got  an rss feedreader which again links directly to the latest published articles and we have healthy amount of subcribee's and yes you've got it, yet more publicity for the publishers.

    And of course it helps, I mean these people just want to get on, and of course Article Heaven will go along for the ride!!


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